Embrace the Athletic Mindset Toward the Art of Living

Optimize your health, stamina, and mindset by stealing my minimalist fitness habits. 

It's time for entrepreneurs, creators, and people with limited time to learn how to stay in shape and keep their sanity via simple habits.

Learn when to say NO

You will learn how to spend your time, money, and resources on the things that lift you up, keep your spirit high, and push you forward.

Become the CEO of your life

Entrepreneurs, creators, and people with limited will learn how to stay in shape and keep their sanity via simple habits.

Convert struggle to your mental advantage

You will learn how to profit from the everyday struggle caused by society's influence on our self-love and mental health.

a few words from the founder

I've spent 10 years researching topics on all things fitness and supplements overlapping with the last 7 years working as a solopreneur. The experience left me exhausted and brain-fried. But then I figured out that I don't need the entire time on the word to be productive (for work) and active (for health). What I needed is simple habits incorporated in the two major aspects of my life—health and entrepreneurship.

Brainsandgainz.com will challenge the most conventional perceptions towards health, work, and life purpose. Brainsandgainz.com will answer the question of how to live a healthy life while working crazy hours. Will I succeed? Become a reader, and let's find the answer to that question while our time together wisely ages. If I fail—at least I've tried. If I succeed—you will too.

Much love, and let's shake the status quo.

Mila Chervenkova
Founder and Creator

my simple process to creating meaningful content

  • Research topics extensively
  • Extract data from legit sources 
  • Digest my research
  • Filter my digest
  • Filter even more

what you will learn


I will try to explain topics such as how each supplement works, how to combine supplements in stacks, and their optimal time to take in order to extract the most of their benefits. Used correctly, supplements will boost your daily activities.


Regarding nutrition, I will try to explain and demonstrate the basic nutritional principles that can be applied by anyone, no matter if you are a vegan or a carnivore, if you are on a keto or a high-carb diet. replica watch


Active living is my invocation for living a life outside the fitness gym. It is my call to move. Dance, walk, play with your kids, cats, dogs, friends. Go for a hike. Take your bike to the store. Skate. Move freely, my friend.


Minimalist fitness gave me the most when I didn't have much spare time left for anything else than my demanding start-up job. In fact, through the philosophy of minimalist fitness, my body and mind were put in the sharpest state of my life.


Slow living doesn’t mean being slow. Slow living is the modern art of living—why and how to live. It erase your FOMO (fear of missing out) and lefts you with the best part of the present - JOMO (joy of missing out). Let your JOMO be your MOJO.


To live more simply is to live in harmony with the vast ecology of all life. It is to live with balance—taking no more than we require and, at the same time, giving fully of ourselves. Simplicity of living means confronting life without unnecessary distractions.