Chilies are famous for producing a burning sensation on the human skin. If you are cutting chilies and accidentally touching your face, the situation can get severe. This burning sensation is due to capsaicin in the chilies.

It is better to learn how to get capsaicin off hands instead of running around the house like a crazy person. We will give you a detailed guide for the ways to get rid of the burning sensation due to capsaicin.

How to Get Capsaicin Off Hands

You can get capsaicin out of your hands using some solutions present in your home.

If you were cutting chilies with a high concentration of capsaicin and touching your eyes, it is better to consult a doctor to avoid damage to your eyes. We also answered one more popular question – how long does capsaicin burn last.

How to Get Rid Off Capsaicin on Hands

Rub Oil on the Hands

Capsaicin is an oil-soluble compound. If you try to wash it using water and soap only, it will take a long time to get rid of the burning sensation. You can put some oil on your palm and rub it on your hands vigorously.

All the capsaicin molecules will enter the oil. It is better to remove the oil using a cloth and wash your hands with soap later.

Rub Oil on the Hands

Pour Some Alcohol

Oily compounds are more soluble in alcohol. Capsaicin has an affinity for alcohol molecules. If you pour some on your hands, you will get the capsaicin off quickly.

It is better to use products with a high concentration of alcohol. Vodka is a better choice because it has a high concentration of alcohol as compared to other options. Other alcohol products will work slowly.

Pour Some Alcohol

Wash Using Milk

Milk is an emulsion of fats and water. As it is available in every home, you can use it when nothing else is available. You cannot use a small quantity of milk to get capsaicin off your hands. It will produce quick action when you use more milk and wash your hands with it.

When you wash your hands with milk, all the capsaicin molecules will attach to fatty acids in the milk. It will wash away the capsaicin molecules.

Wash Using Milk

Dip Hands in Bleach Water

It is not a common way to get capsaicin off your hands. Most people do not like bleach because it can cause skin irritation. It is better to use it only when you have high concentration capsaicin on your hands.

You can take one part of bleach and four parts of water and mix them. To remove the capsaicin, you can keep your hands in bleach water. The compound will turn into salt and get off with ease.

Dip Hands in Bleach Water

Concluding Thoughts on How to Get Capsaicin Off Hands

There are many ways to get capsaicin off your hands. It is better to avoid touching the chilies without gloves. Precaution is better than the cure. If you do not touch the chilies with your hands, there is no need for any remedies.

If you accidentally touch the chilies with high concentration capsaicin, you can use the techniques in this article with confidence to neutralize capsaicin on skin at home and quickly.

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