How to Cook Cordyceps: 3 Delicious Recipes Made Using Cordyceps

Many people in the West may not know much about the Cordyceps and the fact that you can actually cook Cordyceps. However, the ingredient has been a part of traditional medicine in China for the past thousands of years.

Cordyceps Sinensis is one of the three major natural tonics used in China, the others being ginseng and velvet antler. The parasitic fungi may offer multiple health benefits, and its extracts are available in the form of Cordyceps supplements as well. 

However, you can also make delicious recipes, including pasta or soup, by using the Cordyceps. The fungus carries a nutty and deep umami flavor.

How to Cook Cordyceps

How to Consume Cordyceps
Cordyceps Sinensis is one of the three major natural tonics used in China.

Cordyceps Sinensis can be cooked and eaten in multiple ways. It may be soaked with hot water. It can also be cooked along with porridge, soup, sparkling wine, and milling. 

However, whenever you are preparing Cordyceps, it is important to wash them thoroughly. They can be cleaned well with a clean toothbrush, and subsequently, you can drain with water.

Cooking with Water

Cordyceps can be cooked by adding a cup of water and then cooking for around 10 minutes. Ensure that high heat is not applied. After 10 minutes, you can put the water out and drink it. You can add water again and cook for 10 minutes. 

The process of cooking can be continued until the taste of the drink lightens. However, do not cook the Cordyceps once its color has become white. You can also eat the Cordyceps as it still has many of the nutrients still left in it.


Cordyceps have an excellent taste when they are stewed. However, it is important not to stew the fungi for long as they may lose nutrients.

For the best results, you can try cooking your Cordyceps with meat. Ensure that the cooking duration for the fungi does not extend beyond half an hour.

Delicious Recipes Made Using Cordyceps
Cordyceps can be cooked with water.


Some people may find stewing or boiling the Cordyceps too much of an effort. In such instances, you can grind the fungi in the form of powder by using a grinder.

The powder will also provide you the same health benefits that the stewed or cooked Cordyceps will provide.

3 Delicious Recipes Made Using Cordyceps

If you are looking for a guide on how to prepare Cordyceps and how to consume Cordyceps, then you are in the right place. Below are some of the most delicious recipes that you can cook using Cordyceps.

1) Simple Poached Cordyceps

How to Prepare Cordyceps
Cordyceps Recipe #1: Simple Poached Cordyceps

Follow the below-given procedure for making the recipe.

  • 1. Soak around 30 grams of the Cordyceps mushrooms in cold water for approx. 5 minutes.
  • 2. Drain the Cordyceps to a skillet filled half full with water.
  • 3. Poach the Cordyceps for approx.30 seconds after bringing the water to boil. Keep stirring the Cordyceps by using a spoon or a chopstick.
  • 4. Strain the Cordyceps mushrooms and put them in a cold water bowl.
  • 5. Season the Cordyceps by using salt, sugar, sesame oil, and Sichuan pepper oil. The dish can now be served warm or chilled.

2) Cordyceps Chicken Soup

Most Delicious Recipes that You can Cook Using Cordyceps
Cordyceps Recipe #2: Cordyceps Chicken Soup

Follow the below-given procedure for preparing the recipe.

  • 1. Pour around 2 liters (8 cups) of water into a pot and bring the water to a boil.
  • 2. Add dried/fresh Cordyceps (a handful), dried mushrooms (4 pieces), sliced red dates (4), and approx. 1/2; teaspoon of salt. Keep simmering.
  • 3. You can now add the soup ingredients you like to the pot. For extra vegetables, you can add two carrots (chopped) or sweet corn (chopped).
  • 4. Simmer the preparation for around 2 hours after placing the lid on the pot. Ensure that the burner is at its medium mark. All the vegetables will turn to be tender, and the chicken will be cooked at this time.

3) Pasta and Cordyceps

How to Consume Cordyceps
Cordyceps Recipe #3: Pasta and Cordyceps

See the below-given steps and instructions to prepare this recipe.

  • 1. Fill a large pot with water and heat it until it comes to a boil. Put approx. Three ounces of spaghetti in it and cook as per the instructions on the pack. You can add the strainer after the spaghetti is cooked.
  • 2. Pour 30 ml of olive oil into a skillet and start heating on the burner. When the oil starts shimmering, put the chopped shallot/onion in it and cook until it is fragrant and soft. The process may be completed in approx. 3 minutes.
  • 3. Add approx. 60 ml of white wine and stir until approx. Hal of the wine evaporates. To give your pasta a strong umami flavor, you can add 90 ml of Dashi (made using kelp and fish flakes).
  • 4. Now add approx. 60 gm. of Cordyceps mushroom to the skillet and cook for a minute. Remember that cooking the Cordyceps for too long will make them rubbery. Therefore only cook for an appropriate time until they soften.
  • 5. Now mix the Cordyceps and drained pasta. You can season the dish by using salt and red pepper. You can also add soy sauce to your pasta if you like the flavor.


Cordyceps may offer health benefits including better regulation of respiratory function, balanced cholesterol levels, heart health protection, a boost in energy, and some anti-aging benefits as well.

You can prepare delicious and memorable recipes using the mushroom and fungi and have the best of both worlds.

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