Cordyceps mushroom is very vital for good health as it packs in several medicinal benefits. By consuming cordyceps mushroom regularly you will have reduced inflammation and there will be an enhanced function of the liver and lungs. 

One of the very important benefits of cordyceps mushroom is that it increases the sex drive giving you healthy sex life.

One of the best ways to consume cordyceps mushrooms is in the form of tea. Cordyceps mushroom tea is believed to be a very good and effective method of treating cough, bronchitis, and many more disorders.

Cordyceps mushroom tea is similar to green tea but packs in a lot of health benefits. Mentioned below are some of the best cordyceps mushroom tea recipes.

1) Cordyceps Mushroom Tea #1

Cordyceps Tea
Cordyceps Mushroom Tea #1


  • 1.5 gram of dried fruiting bodies
  • 250 ml of water.

How to Prepare Cordyceps Tea:

  • The first step is to use the cordyceps mushroom in medium heat water for around 30 minutes to 1 hour. Keep simmering it for the best results until the orange color of the mushroom changes to white by fading.
  • This way you can ascertain that all the goodness of the mushroom has been let out on the water.
  • Once done strain out all the mushroom pieces left from the tea.
  • You can add water if any water has been evaporated during the heating process.
  • Once the temperature is cooled it is ready to drink. You can choose the temperature of your liking for the best results.

This cordyceps mushroom tea recipe for cordyceps mushroom is very popular and straightforward. You can prepare double or triple of the ingredients used here if you are looking forward to serving it 2 to 3 times.

Cordyceps Tea Recipes
Don’t forget to cook/heat the cordyceps mushroom before making a tea

Cordyceps mushroom tea is very popular for its richness in beta-glucans. Beta-glucans are believed to be the most powerful immune modulators very beneficial for your body.

It is essential to cook the cordyceps mushroom well before consuming it as its goodness such as beta-glucans and chitin are locked up inside the cell walls. On heating or cooking for a longer duration, the goodness of chitin and beta-glucans gets released offering maximum micronutrients.

Drinking a tea of mushroom cordyceps is one of the most popular and traditional methods. The types of mushrooms decide the time of boiling so that they can release all the micronutrients.

The process of making cordyceps tea is very similar to that of green tea. Mentioned below is the process of consuming cordyceps mushroom tea with all its goodness.

2) Cordyceps Mushroom Tea #2

Cordyceps Mushroom Tea
Cordyceps Mushroom Tea #2


  • 6 to 8 cordyceps mushrooms
  • 250 to 300 ml of water

How to Prepare Cordyceps Tea:

  • To start with taking around six to eight cordyceps mushrooms in around 250 to 300 ml of water.
  • Boil the cordyceps mushroom in water for around a minute.
  • After boiling it for a minute, it is then advised to put the flame at the lowest setting for the best results. Once put in a lower flame, let it heat for 15 minutes. This method allows the maximum release of water-soluble components from the mushrooms into the water. These components have several micronutrients very beneficial to your body.
  • Once done, you can have it at your preferred temperature for the best experience.
  • It is advised to consume cordyceps mushroom tea after meals. You can also prepare extra and store it in your thermos for later use.
Cordyceps Mushroom Recipes for Tea
Preparing cordyceps mushroom tea

If you are looking forward to the benefits that cordyceps mushroom offers, then it is advised to consume this tea recipe at least twice a day for the best results.

There are several ways cordyceps mushrooms are consumed, such as cordyceps capsules, tinctures, hot water extract, and many more. The tea recipes shared above offer the best benefits. 

The Cordyceps mushroom tea recipe is very popular and has much more benefits when compared to green tea. Though preparing it is similar to green tea, the advantages it packs in are far superior to green tea.

If you are suffering from cough, kidney disorders, sexual problems, or chronic bronchitis, you should consume cordyceps mushroom tea for the best results. Several reports show cordyceps mushroom tea recipes have helped several disorders. 

Cordyceps mushroom tea also helps restrict opium restriction, which is rewarding.


Brewing cordyceps mushrooms into your tea offer you the best results.

Though there are several ways you can consume cordyceps mushroom, the tea recipe can extract all the micronutrients which are essential for your body.

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